Warehousing & Distribution

CBA GroupC’s wide range of  warehousing and distribution services are ideal for companies of any size. Our world-class facilities are conveniently located adjacent to major shipping ports and only 15 minutes from midtown Manhattan.


Supply Chain Software

Our ERP Software (CERP) is the answer to all your Supply Chain Management needs. Our easy to use cloud-based platform is 100% secure and available 24/7 from any device. Use on your own or in conjunction with our team – finally, EDI made simple!


Back Office Solutions

We understand what it takes to compete in today’s market and specialize in handling the day to day tasks that support your business growth. From data entry and reporting to credit approval and financial management, we’ve got you covered!

We know that warehousing apparel requires a different type of service and attention, which our knowledge and history in the industry enables us to provide. CBA offers our clients the ability to store product quickly, easily and securely. Our facilities are designed to handle the unique needs of warehousing apparel and the demands of the industry.
CBA Group’s combined solutions approach is unique to the 3PL industry and unlike anything on the market. With our oversees capabilities, we are able to offer optional state-of-the art ERP software and full back office services while maintaining an affordable, competitive rate for our warehousing and distribution services.
In today’s competitive world, many brands find it necessary to sell direct to their customer through E-commerce channels. We strive to provide excellent E-commerce service, paying close attention to the details necessary to further your brand growth and ability to compete on a global scale.

Why Choose Us

      • Substantial cost savings throughout your entire organization
      • Improved efficiency and increased productivity on all business processes
      • Reduced manpower – expand your team, not your payroll
      • Seamless integration of services, no disruptions to your workflow
      • Fully scalable solutions to fit your needs

From Our Clients

“When I first met with CBA, I was barely making enough to keep my business going.  From the minute we started working together, I was struck by how much they understood the full picture of my operation. In less than 3 years our profits soared without ever having to hire an extra person for our team. With CBA Group’s help, we are now able to service major accounts without any gaps in our business flow.”
Owner, Sportswear Company, NYC
“Before working with CBA, I spent much of my time putting out fires. Today my energy is spent on the design and sales of my product and I am able to grow my business without having menial tasks set me back. CBA has definitely put my mind at ease.”
Owner, Denim Company, California
“I had a solid product and it was selling fast, but I couldn’t keep up with all the orders. I needed to ship to hundreds of boutiques and major department stores, all with their own requirements. Finally, CBA was able to get my goods into stores on time allowing me to focus on expanding my line and eventually opening my thriving retail store.”
Designer, Luxury Brand, NYC