Services for Today’s Companies

In today’s rapidly changing global environment, one key to remaining competitive is fast, accurate, complete and timely information. At CBA, our back office services can help give you that edge. We provide a full range of solutions stretching from data entry to reporting management. CBA uses state of the art technology and skilled manpower to accomplish these tasks, at a cost that is unbeatable!


Reporting solutions made simple. Allow your business to gain valuable insight with Financial, A/R, Sales, Commission and Customizable Reports available at the click of a button.

Data Entry

Utilize our team to enter all or parts of your data into the system.  Order entry, allocation, pick ticketing, UCC label generation and more. Save valuable resources to focus on core business functions.

Personal Team

Need a report on the fly? Don’t have time to complete a sales order? Email our team, who is available 24 hours a day and get a response in minutes! Our team  is trained and ready to assist with any task!

CBA Financial Services

CBA Group provides a fully integrated accounting solution that is flexible and responsive to your needs. We can help with all business accounting and financial service requirements from Accounts Receivable to Bank Reconciliation. Our services are seamlessly integrated with your business processes thus allowing you to set the pace and keep the control. The approach we take to gain a full understanding of your particular needs and requirements, is to begin with an on-site business process audit. We then present our findings and discuss the identified opportunities with you. Working with your team, we implement the ideal integrated solution that best meets your business objectives

Our accounts receivable service is highly streamlined and we guarantee the highest accuracy possible. Easily integrate with Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks or any other platform. From two person teams to multilevel organizations, we provide everything you need to keep your finances organized and efficient. 
Stop the headache of managing credit card orders. We handle the complete process and funds go directly to your account. We work with every platform such as, square and more.
We manage your credit approval process through factor or credit insurance companies. Also, we manage credit though COD and other modes of payment.
Chargebacks are an area where historically confusion rules. Is your business leaving valuable money on the table? We are experts on handling every type of chargeback and will handle all the negotiations to make sure you aren’t being charged unnecessarily. 
We have established relationships with almost every major factor and proudly offer financing coordination and managing the entire factor credit approval process. We ensure the assignment submission to factor in a timely manner so that there is never a gap in your shipping process. 
From the moment your goods ship, we invoice you the same day. You’ll benefit from receiving your funds easily and quickly. 

Why Choose Us

      • Substantial cost savings throughout your entire organization
      • Improved efficiency and  increased productivity on all business processes
      • Reduced manpower – expand your team, not your payroll
      • Seamless integration of services, no disruptions to your workflow
      • Fully scalable solutions to fit your needs

What Client’s Say

“We have a large brand that sells to major e-commerce websites but is a headache trying to deal with each individual order. CBA provides excellent pick and pack solutions that have helped us double our orders.”
Co-Founder, Streetwear Brand
“We acquired a license from a failing brand that with CBA Group’s help were able to send profits soaring to 10 million in under two years. With that profit I was able to start another brand that CBA is helping me grow today.”
Owner, Menswear Company
“When I signed on with CBA, our company had just spent $70,000 on ERP software. After a few months using CBA’s warehousing, we realized that we didn’t need our software. We wasted months trying to train our staff, when CBA was able to take over and manage all for free.”
Owner, Off Price Brand