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CBA Group’s Warehousing solutions are turn-key, fully customizable and ideal for companies of any size. Our state-of-the-art facilities are located in Secaucus NJ, the heart of New York City’s commercial warehousing district. We are ideally located 15 minutes from midtown Manhattan and steps away from the main shipping port and railroad network. Our dedicated staff have over 15 years of experience in every aspect of warehousing and distribution and specialize in servicing the apparel industry. We work around the clock to make sure that your goods are shipped on time, every time!

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Pick & Pack

CBA Group’s high-volume Pick & Pack offers our clients comprehensive and efficient sorting and redistribution services. Our highly trained team of dedicated product assembly experts ensure you goods arrive to market quickly, accurately and in excellent condition. From single packages to complex orders, CBA has the experience and resources to assemble ship products in a timely fashion.


Inventory Management

CBA is passionate about inventory process, control and management. Knowing exactly when, where and why is paramount for efficient operation, client satisfaction and improved cash flow. CBA has invested enormous time and capital to these ends. Benefit from improved productivity, on-hand inventory by location, perpetually maintained inventory, stock status, item activity reports and our world-class physical inventory service.


Drop Ship Management

CBA manages the complete factory to customer drop ship with full EDI capabilities which allows us to manage our client’s goods most cost effectively. We provide international logistics support, managing the entire transaction for any shipment arriving in the U.S. from an overseas port. Easy access to New York City’s main shipping port ensures the most rapid shipping possible.

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Benefit From Our Established Relationships With an Extensive, Global Retail Network.

CBA has worked with almost every retail outlet and has the expertise to deliver to multiple distribution channels.

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